A Covered Deck Could Be the Solution for Creating More Space for Your Family

14 December 2020
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If you need more space in your house for your family to spread out, but you don't have a garage or basement to convert, consider building a covered deck against the back of your house. If you already have a patio, much of the work may already be done. However, you may want to make the patio larger and add a cover and electrical outlets. Here, you can learn about some ways you can use the extra space and which features to install with help from a residential electrician. Read More 

3 Commercial Electrician Upgrades That Your Office Needs

20 November 2020
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Never take the electricity that you use in your business for granted. Keep your eyes on the details when it comes to the way that you take care of your office building's electrical systems. With the right focus, you can make your electric bills cheaper, get new equipment for your office, and get the most out of your work environment. Partner up with a commercial electrician as you consider these words of electrical wisdom. Read More 

Different Types Of Repairs That Your Landscape Lighting System May Require

6 November 2020
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Your landscape lighting system used to light up your home exterior environment so magnificently when it was first installed. Years later, some of your lights keep flickering and others have gone out completely, making your outdoor environment poorly lit at night and compromising your home security.  The good news is, most problems with landscape lighting systems can be fixed and the systems restored to normal working condition. Some of the common types of repairs that can be performed on your outdoor lighting system include the following: Read More 

What Does It Take To Make A Commercial Property More Energy-Efficient?

20 October 2020
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Do you want to know what it will take to create an energy-efficient workspace? If your commercial building regularly wastes tons of energy each month, hire an electrician to get help. It is best to find out why your building wastes so much energy and what you can do to solve the issue over time. Have an Electric Assessment Performed When you strive to have an energy-efficient commercial property, you need to have an assessment performed. Read More 

Office Electronics: Ensuring Load Doesn’t Exceed Supply

30 September 2020
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Office buildings and other commercial settings should have a lot of power available. Even older buildings should have been retrofitted to be able to provide the number of amps required by modern building codes. However, even the most well-planned commercial electrical system can run into trouble when faced with actual office occupants and their electronics. While each electronic item might use only a small amount of power, all of them add up. Read More