Different Types Of Repairs That Your Landscape Lighting System May Require

6 November 2020
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Your landscape lighting system used to light up your home exterior environment so magnificently when it was first installed. Years later, some of your lights keep flickering and others have gone out completely, making your outdoor environment poorly lit at night and compromising your home security. 

The good news is, most problems with landscape lighting systems can be fixed and the systems restored to normal working condition. Some of the common types of repairs that can be performed on your outdoor lighting system include the following:

Lighting Fixture Repairs

From spotlights and accent lights to path and area lights to shadow and silhouette lights, there are many different types of outdoor lighting fixtures on the market, each designed to suit a specific purpose.

Depending on how and where they are installed, different lighting fixtures can be exposed to the elements at a different rate. For instance, in-ground lights are vulnerable to the risk of water pooling inside the fixtures when it rains. This can result in lights going out.

This problem can be fixed by waiting for everything to dry up, replacing the bad bulb, and then turning the fixture back on. Steps should also be taken to prevent further flooding of the area where the fixture is installed.

Fixing Loose/Faulty Connections

When the wiring that is supposed to supply power to lighting fixtures is loose or faulty, lighting system problems are inevitable. 

An electrician may check all the connections that you use in your lighting system to see if there is corrosion or other forms of damage that may be preventing your lights from functioning properly.

Transformer Repairs

Every landscape lighting system has a low-voltage transformer that distributes electricity to the various lights that make up the system. The transformer is the heart of every landscape lighting system. Without it, individual lights won't get the voltage they need to light up your landscape.

If there is a problem with the transformer or any of its wire runs, then some or all of your lights may stop working. A professional electrician can diagnose and repair the issue before your entire lighting system requires a replacement.

Keeping your residential landscape lighting system working at its best is essential for displaying the beauty of your home at night while beefing up its security. Contact a residential electrician near you immediately you notice problems with your exterior lights. Acting quickly helps reduce the need for a costly lighting system replacement.

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