What Does It Take To Make A Commercial Property More Energy-Efficient?

20 October 2020
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Do you want to know what it will take to create an energy-efficient workspace? If your commercial building regularly wastes tons of energy each month, hire an electrician to get help. It is best to find out why your building wastes so much energy and what you can do to solve the issue over time.

Have an Electric Assessment Performed

When you strive to have an energy-efficient commercial property, you need to have an assessment performed. Skilled electricians with commercial electrical experience will conduct an evaluation or electrical audit to determine how much electricity your property uses in a day and why. These electricians may need to do the following things:

  • Review past energy bills that you have received for your commercial property
  • Inspect electrical wiring throughout the building
  • Examine the types of electrical components that you have inside the building
  • Develop a report for you based on their findings

The reason for the assessment is to see where you are wasting the most energy and why it is happening. For example, you might waste more energy because some electrical components are outdated or need some significant repairs. Once the electricians know what is going on, they can provide feedback while making some suggestions on the changes you can make to create a more energy-efficient environment.

Get New Electrical Components Installed

It can take a short while for you to reach your energy-efficiency goals, but commercial electricians can help you with that. Saving more energy inside the commercial property may require you to get rid of old equipment that wastes an excessive amount of energy while replacing it with Energy-Star options. While it depends on what equipment you have in the building, you may need to upgrade different components, such as ovens, water heaters, refrigerators, and lighting fixtures. Making these upgrades requires a bit of an investment. However, after you get new electrical components installed, you can immediately begin cutting back on energy usage to save way more money. The electricians can install these appliances and provide help with any other electrical services you may need.

If you know that your commercial property is wasting way more energy than you would like and you want to eventually reduce the waste to save more each month, get a commercial electrical service to perform an electrical evaluation to determine where energy gets wasted the most. The electricians will let you know which components should go, which can stay, and what types of electrical work you might need to have done to make the commercial property more energy-efficient.