3 Commercial Electrician Upgrades That Your Office Needs

20 November 2020
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Never take the electricity that you use in your business for granted. Keep your eyes on the details when it comes to the way that you take care of your office building's electrical systems. With the right focus, you can make your electric bills cheaper, get new equipment for your office, and get the most out of your work environment. Partner up with a commercial electrician as you consider these words of electrical wisdom.

1. Fireproof and upgrade your break room kitchen

Office fires are the cause of $112 million in property damages every year. Even if you are careful about fire prevention, a bad electrical system can leave you at risk for electrical fires. This doesn't mean that you should be fearful, just that you have to make your electrical systems more modern and efficient. Your break room kitchen is one of the most at-risk areas of your office when it comes to electrical fires.

Modernize your office kitchen by improving the output and circuitry. If you're noticing sparks or smelling burning, your office kitchen is already compromised. Upgrade to some eco-friendly ovens, microwaves, and dishwashers that use less energy and don't tap out your circuits. Install protections or a new circuit box so that you have protections in place.

2. Install some fresh outlets

You can keep your building safer by installing new outlets. Making the change to ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets offers your building electrical protection and will prevent overloading your equipment. These outlets also provide you and your employees protection from shock. Electrical shock deaths are a common contributor to workplace injuries and fatalities, so do all you can to minimize this risk in your office building.

3. Think about going with LED lighting throughout the office

You should also make smarter decisions with your lightning. If you use LED lighting throughout your office, then your bills will be cheaper, which also means that your overhead costs will be cheaper. This light is actually brighter and more effective, which means that your employees can see clearly without squinting. If you hire an electrician to change out your old lighting with LED in one fell swoop, your office becomes instantly more modern, and your company gets some environmental sustainability points.

If you need any of these projects for your office, and also want to manage your company's energy compliance, find the right commercial electricians that can do the work for you.