When Do You Need Emergency Electrical Repair?

17 January 2022
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Different people have different definitions of electrical emergencies. For some people, an electrical emergency is when there is a power outage that hinders them from using their devices. For others, it's when an electrical fault causes the outlets to release a burning odor. Whatever you consider an electrical emergency, it should be handled as soon as possible by an electrical contractor.

That said, while some electrical issues can wait a day or two before seeking electrical repairs, others need to be handled as soon as they arise. Here are four electrical problems that require emergency repairs from an electrical contractor.

Your Electrical Appliances or Switches Feel Warm for No Apparent Reason

When electrical appliances or switches are warm without any explainable reason, there is cause for alarm. For example, if you haven't used your microwave recently but it feels warm when you place your hand on it, the problem is likely with your electrical system. 

Similarly, if your light switches are warm to the touch, that could be a sign of an electrical fault. The safest option is to switch off the power supply and call an emergency electrician immediately. 

Your Electrical Appliances or Switches Give Mild Shocks

Do you experience a minor shock when you touch an appliance or switch? If yes, that's a sign of an electrical problem that should be addressed immediately. If ignored, the shocks might keep getting worse, and your appliances may also get damaged. 

Typically, mild shocks occur because some residual current is stored in the appliance. Upon touching it, some of that current is transferred to you. Hence, have a licensed electrician inspect your system and make the necessary repairs. 

Abnormal Sparks Coming From the Outlets

When attaching an appliance to an outlet, it's normal to see some sparks. But if there is a wiring problem or the outlet is overloaded, you may notice abnormal sparking. 

Instead of the normal blue sparks, the sparks may be yellow or white. They may also last for over a second before vanishing. If that's the case, seek emergency electrical repair before the issue develops to burn the electrical outlet or cause a fire. 

There Has Been an Electrical Fire

If your wiring was overloaded or exposed, it might have caused an electrical fire. Perhaps you were even able to extinguish the small fire with your fire extinguisher. But as it is, your electrical system is a safety hazard, so call the fire department to ensure everything is under control. 

After that, you can contact an electrician to fix any damage that might have been caused and install new wires to ensure the system is safe for use.