3 Breaker Box Complications That Need Professional Repairs

28 September 2021
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The breaker box is also called the main power panel or fuse box. It acts as the central point of the entire home's power circuit. The electricity that powers all the gadgets inside your home comes from lines that converge on the box. Also, the breaker box is the transition from the high voltage carried by the lines outdoors to the manageable voltage that circulates inside your house. The panel has fuses to ensure your home and appliances have protection from high voltage. Therefore, when the breaker box has a problem, your entire home's power supply will experience some complications. Here are a few common breaker box issues and how to handle them.

Fuse Box Doesn't Match Power Needs

The breaker box manufacturers design them to handle a specific amount of electricity. When your home's voltage needs go up, the breaker box might have a hard time matching the demand. Consequently, the board will start exhibiting issues like fuses getting blown frequently and constantly tripping circuit breakers. You might also notice that the box and the wall are warm when you touch them. An electrical technician will match it to your power demand to eliminate these complications.

The Box has Suffered Corrosion

The fuse box has a few metallic components. When they come into contact with water and moisture, they start rusting. Most homeowners cover the fuse box to shield it from rainfall, but humidity can also lead to rust and corroding. Rusting ruins the quality of the wires and also its efficiency in transmitting electric currents. A competent electrician will check the state of your panel and determine if the level of rust damage is interfering with its function. Then, they will recommend the best repairs.

The Panel Is Overcrowded

Overcrowding is another common issue that is characterized by a messy look when you open the box. You might also notice double-tapped breakers, which is a violation of the electrical code. Sometimes, the electrician might attach more than one line to a circuit breaker. However, this overcrowds and overloads the system, creating an electrical fire hazard. The best way to avoid overcrowding is to replace the unit with one that can comfortably handle your electrical demand.

A competent electrician can help you to assess the state of the breaker box. They will determine whether it has issues that need repair. A functional panel will keep your home protected from all power problems. For more information, contact an electrical repair service near you.