4 Different Types Of Electrical Outlets

26 June 2020
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If you are getting ready to remodel your home, you are going to need to install some new electrical outlets. Electrical outlets can really impact the functionality of your home, so it is important to understand the different types of electrical outlets you can install and how they work.

Type #1: Standard 3-Prong Outlet

A standard 3-prong outlet is the type of outlet that you usually see in most homes. A 3-prong outlet is a bare minimum when it comes to outlets that are installed in homes. A 3-prong outlet is considered a grounded outlet. These types of outlets can be installed just about anywhere in your home and can handle more normal electrical needs, such as plugging in a lamp or your television.

Type #2: 240 Volt Outlets

240-volt outlets come in both three and four-prong outlets. 240-volt outlets are not like a standard outlet. They are much larger than a regular outlet that you would see in most rooms in your home. 240-volt outlets are those you see in your kitchen, utility room, or basement.

These types of outlets are designed to be used with large appliances, such as your washing machine, drying machine, or your oven. They are for items that demand a lot of power, and not for simple electronics.

Type #3: Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupters

Arc-fault circuit interrupts, or AFCI outlets, are designed to protect your electrical system against arcing. These are a special type of outlet, but they can be used in place of regular outlets in your home.

AFCI outlets are often used when upgrading the electrical systems in an older home. You can also have breaker panels installed with AFCI properties.

Type #4: Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters

Next, there are ground fault circuit interrupters. These types of outlets have a mini breaker built into the outlet. This means that if a short is detected in the outlet, the mini breaker will stop power to your circuit, and protect your electrical items from a power surge that could damage them.

Ground fault circuit interrupter outlets are typically used in areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, although they can be used in other areas of your home as well.

Type #5: USB Outlets

Finally, there are USB outlets, which are gaining in popularity as so many things have to be charged nowadays. USB outlets work like a regular three-prong outlet, however, instead of having prongs to plug something into, you have a USB outlet. USB outlets reduce the need to use a USB power converter every time you need to plug something into an outlet.

When it comes to remodeling your home, be sure to carefully consider the type of outlets you need in your home. Work with your local electricians to make sure your remodel includes enough outlets and enough of the right kind of outlets.