Solar Panels In Alaska: Special Considerations

31 May 2019
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Alaska is an unusual state. It is the only state where several months of the year are wrapped in darkness, and several other months of the year have extended daylight. That is because of Alaska's northernmost position, near and inside the Arctic Circle. If you live here, you might be considering installing solar panels. After all, these panels could definitely benefit from the several months of "midnight sun." Yet, there are several other considerations you need to make before asking a solar panel company to ship you everything you need to power your dream home in the Alaskan wilderness. 

Solar Panels Are Delicate Things

The blizzarding winds of the Arctic can whip around harder than a low-level tornado. A lot of things blow away and get up-ended in Alaska when these high winds hit. That is not exactly the kind of weather you want for solar panels because solar panels can only withstand so much. They tend to be somewhat delicate things, and while they can tolerate some wind, they cannot have objects fly into them with force or be pulled off of their stations and sent flying. If you are going to install solar panels, it is a very good idea to construct the panels inside a glass and steel greenhouse where there is more protection against violent weather and a better chance of collecting solar light. 

Find the Means to Stockpile Energy for the Darker Months

On days where there is endless darkness rather than sunlight, your solar panels are only going to see sunlight for about six hours a day, max. Solar energy converters can store sunlight for days that have less sunlight, but you are living in a place where six months or more of the year there is very limited sunlight. Ask your solar panel installation company what you can do to conserve power during Alaska's darker months. 

Wildlife Gets Curious and Wild

In Alaska, you have to contend with bears, moose, wolverines, and many other large animals that will be curious about your solar panels. If bears are not afraid to enter cabins up here, they are not afraid to take a curious sniff and a swat at solar panels. Just one more reason for constructing your panels inside a glass and steel structure to deter these animals from becoming too curious and too wild around your solar panels. If an animal does damage a panel, you will have to replace it entirely. 

Reach out to a solar panel company to learn more.