Signs Your Driveway's Automatic Gate Needs Repairs

24 October 2018
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If your driveway has an automatic gate, you may have noticed lately that it is having difficulty operating properly. If so, look for the following signs that your driveway's automatic gate needs repairs.

Beeping Noises While Opening or Closing

One sign that your automatic gate needs professional attention is when you start hearing a beeping noise whenever the gate is opening or closing. If you hear a beeping sound, this could be caused by one of two issues.

First, the backup battery source to the gate may be the problem. If the battery is no longer holding an electrical charge, it may not be sending an adequate current to the gate's motor. Second, the wires may be frayed or broken, making it impossible for the electrical current to reach either the battery or the motor. 

No matter what is causing the issue, when the gate is not receiving the proper amount of electricity, a warning beep will sound to alert you of the problem. A professional should be consulted to find out which is causing the beeping noise.

Gate Refuses to Close Completely

If you do not hear the beeping sound and your gate refuses to close completely, this is a sign that something is blocking the movement of the gate. One possible cause is that the tracks are either bent or blocked.

Another possible issue is that the chain on the gate has become bent, stretched, or broken. A gate repair services professional can find the exact problem for you.

Sensor Does Not Register the Presence of Vehicles

Another sign that your automatic gate is in need of repairs is when the sensor refuses to register the presence of a vehicle. Even if you drive right up onto the gate, you may find that you have to manually open it.

If the sensor is not picking up vehicles in front of it, the antenna that registers their presence may be broken. Or, the electrical current to the sensor may have been interrupted because of a bent or broken wire.

Another possible cause is that there is nearby interference from another electrical source. An electrician may be able to pinpoint the source of the interference so that action can be taken to reduce or eliminate the static.

If your automatic gate is exhibiting any of the signs above, you should have a professional look at it before it stops working completely. Contact an electrician who offers gate repair services to have them inspect the gate and discuss your options for fixing it.