Under Cabinet Lighting 101: Common FAQs For Curious Homeowners

14 October 2018
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Making a drastic change in the appearance of your kitchen oftentimes comes down to the smaller details. While the overhead lighting is one of the most important and functional features of a kitchen, under cabinet lighting is one of those smaller details that can make a huge difference in your kitchen's ambience. Take a look at some of the most common questions about under cabinet lighting to decide if this is a change you want to be made in your kitchen.  

How much will it cost to have under cabinet lighting installed?

Under cabinet lighting is possibly one of the most affordable changes you can make to your kitchen that will create the most dramatic change in its overall appearance. According to ImproveNet, you can usually get under cabinet lighting installed for between $233 and $315 per fixture. An electrician will usually charge you about $80 per hour, but under cabinet lights tend to have a pretty quick installation process. Some homeowners tackle this job by themselves, but installation does require you to have some knowledge of electrical wiring, so this is not always the best idea. 

What are the different types of under cabinet lights?

There are multiple kinds of under cabinet lights to pick from depending on what you want the end result to be. You can go with a single line of fluorescent or LED lights to add just a touch of glow to the area, or you can go with small spotlight fixtures. You can also pick from different light shades as well. For example, if you want a shallow glow under your cabinetry, you can go with golden amber lights. If you want the lights added for functionality and extra visibility, cool blue or white lights tend to be the most effective. 

How are under cabinet lights installed?

Usually, an electrician will drill a small, inconspicuous hole through the base of the cabinetry to create an access point for the light's wiring. The wires will be fished through that hole and connected to existing wiring or an electrical box. The light fixtures will be mounted beneath the cabinets, so the fixtures are invisible, but the light is evenly distributed across the countertops when they are turned on. The under cabinet lighting will have its own switch or be wired to an existing light switch in your kitchen to come on when you turn on other lights.