3 Important Reasons To Have A Professional Install Your New Whole-House Generator

14 October 2018
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Whole-house generators can come in handy whether a severe storm makes it's way through your neighborhood or an accident renders your power grid useless for several hours. You never know what might interrupt your home's power access, so installing a whole-house generator to supplement your power is a smart idea. Here's why you should have a professional install your new whole-house generator:

Avoid the Chance of Injury

One of the most important reasons to have a professional install your new whole-house generator is to avoid the risk of injury. Unless you're an expert yourself, you may end up electrocuting yourself during the installation process. Or you might end up wiring something incorrectly, which could result in injury for you or a family member when someone goes to turn the generator on or off.

A professional will get the installation job done safely and properly, so you won't have to worry about anyone being injured. And if your service provider does happen to get injured during the installation process, you'll have peace of mind in knowing that they are insured and you won't be held financially responsible for those injuries.

Rely on Quick Installation

A professional will have installed several whole-house generators before installing yours, so you can expect them to be quick and efficient throughout the installation process. Because you don't install whole-house generators for a living, chances are that it will take you a lot longer to complete your installation than it would a professional. So instead of waiting days or even weeks to start using your generator, you can have a professional take care of the installation legwork and start using it in just a day or two.

Learn Proper Management

Another good reason to have a professional install your new whole-house generator is to gain the opportunity to learn proper management and maintenance skills. If your whole-house generator is not properly taken care of as it ages, you could face unnecessary break downs or the need to replace the generator altogether well before you'd expect to.

You can expect your service provider to provide you with a list of maintenance tasks you can do on your own to ensure optimal performance as time goes on. And they'll sit down to explain how to properly change the oil and filter on the machine. They will also walk you through all the proper steps for turning the generator on and off.

Schedule an installation appointment with your local service provider and start enjoying your new whole-house generator within days. For more information, contact a company like Hans Electrical Inc today.