4 Electrical Repair Hacks That Will Save You From Headaches And Problems

8 October 2018
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There may be many DIY electrical projects that you have around your home, and when you run into a problem, it often leads to a headache. Having the right tools and knowing a few tricks-of-the-trade will help you to quickly complete your DIY electrical projects with fewer problems. Here are some electrical repair hacks that will allow you to quickly complete your projects.

1. Fixing Overcrowded Electrical Boxes by Upgrading Them

Overcrowded electrical boxes are a common problem that you will run into when doing DIY electrical improvements. To make electrical repairs and improvements easier, upgrade these boxes to larger boxes that have enough room for the wires and connections that go in them. Removing the old box before installing a new electrical box will help prevent making large holes and walls that need to be repaired later.

2. Fishing Electrical Wiring Through Walls with Ease

Fishing electrical wire through walls can be difficult sure to do when doing electrical improvements. To make a fishing wire through walls easier, use duct tape to wrap wires where they are connected. This will prevent snags when fishing wire through the wall. You can also use weed eater line to fish the wire through the wall if you do not have enough extra cable to use.

3. Testing Live Wires and Turning Off the Power to Avoid Shock

Before you get started with any wiring project coming do you want to make sure you were saved to avoid electrical shock. It is a good idea to invest in a handy electrical tester that will tell you when wires are hot by touching them. It is always safest to turn off the electricity at the breaker box before doing any electrical work, but you still want to text wires to make sure that you have turned off the right circuit.

4. Tricks to Hide Low-Voltage Wiring When Doing Audio or Video Installations

One of the most common wiring projects that you may do around your home is installing audio or video cables. The problem with installing audio and video cables is that they are often visible. You may want to try tricks like hiding the wiring using trim or other materials. There also conduits for low voltage wiring that can be used to keep them neat and organized.

These are some tips that will help you with your DIY electrical repairs and improvements. When you need help with more complicated electrical work, contact a professional industrial electrical service to help with repairs.