3 Reasons To Invest In A Commercial Generator For Your Office Building

8 October 2018
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If you haven't already invested in a commercial generator for your office building, it's a good time to think about doing so now. Here are just a few reasons to make sure that your office building is outfitted with a reliable generator.

Optimize Production Levels Throughout the Year

When the power goes out for any reason throughout the year, your employees have to stop their work and wait for power to return or go home for the day. Those lost production hours can really add up over time and end up unnecessarily costing your business money and time that could have been better used on things like growing your business and developing new products or services. But if you have a commercially rated generator around, you can keep the lights, computers, and printing machines on and your team members working when the electrical grid unexpectedly goes out.

Make Repairs and Upgrades More Convenient

When it comes time to repair your electrical system or expand it to new areas of your office building, you can keep your employees working by hooking their computers and lights up to your commercial generator. Designate one room in your building as the "off grid" working room. Keep a few computers and basic supplies in the room so at least some of your team members can temporarily relocate there and continue working through the electrical work that is being done.

Make sure all of the lights, computers, and other electronics are connected to extension cords. Then all you have to do is plug the extension cords into your generator to get power to the room.

Host Company Events Anywhere You Want to Outdoors

Another great reason to invest in a commercial generator for your office building is to have the ability to host company events anywhere you want outside. Whether it's right behind your building, a few hundred yards away, or in a park across town, you can use your generator to power everything from gas stoves for cooking to a stage complete with colored lights and band equipment to keep everyone entertained.

Just load your generator onto a trailer and transport it wherever you want to host your event. Set it up a few yards away from the event space so the sound doesn't distract from the festivities. Then hook your power cords up to the generator and you're ready to go!

Contact your local commercial generator company to learn more about the options that are available to you and to schedule an appointment to see prospective generators in person before buying one.