What Does A Commercial Electrician Do On A Yearly Maintenance Visit?

2 October 2018
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Thanks to technical advancements, electrical systems can operate for years without a single failure. However, this is the exact type of situation that can lull you into a false sense of security, resulting in a failure followed by an extended downtime at the least opportune moment.

This is precisely why it is recommended that you have a commercial electrician come by at least once a year to perform maintenance on your electrical systems. What exactly do they do during these visits and how does this help to prevent future breakdowns?

Inspection of Wiring

Wiring presents one of the most challenging issues in electrical installations. Since wires are mostly hidden, you may not be able to notice issues such as broken or frayed wiring. This can be a serious hazard whether it's behind a wall or a large machine. During maintenance visits, electricians should perform a thorough inspection of the wires to ensure that they are in good condition. They should also check for loose connections since these are prone to sparking.

Ensuring Fixtures and Components Are Up to Code

The new machine you bought for your business has doubled your capacity and your profits are higher than they've ever been. Unfortunately, you may not have realized that installing the new machine may have broken a few codes. When there have been any changes to your electrical systems or equipment, an electrician should check to ensure that everything is still up to code. Changes to your systems may be overloading it.

Repairing Outlets, Fixtures, and Equipment

Modern parts used in electrical systems are designed to be able to take a lot of damage and still continue working. This means that your electrical system may not have failed but certain components may be significantly damaged.

With time, these damaged systems can fail, or worse, cause damage to other parts of the system. An electrician should repair or replace these damaged components to ensure you have a system that is reliable.

Advise On What Needs Replacement

Despite their resilience, the components in your electrical systems will eventually fail at some point. It's important to know when these components have gone past their useful lives so you can start planning for a replacement soon.

An electrician can tell you what components are due for replacement so you can either make the replacement immediately or have the spare parts ready for when they fail. This will help to prevent extended downtimes.