Proper Insertion Of Wires Into Electrical Boxes

2 October 2018
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Careful planning is required to ensure that new buildings are equipped with the electrical system needed to supply an electric current to light fixtures, outlets, and appliances. Electrical boxes serve as an integral component within any electrical system.

These boxes are built into the wall of a building, and each outlet or light switch fits snugly inside its own electrical box. The proper insertion of wires into the electrical box is critical if you want to maintain the safety and performance of your electrical system in the future.

Determine electrical box capacity.

Before you begin wiring an outlet or light switch, you need to determine the electrical box capacity. Each electrical box is designed to accommodate a certain type and quantity of electrical wiring. If you are familiar with the box-fill capacity of the electrical boxes within your building, you can effectively insert wires into these boxes without the fear of future damage.

Too many wires in an electrical box could lead to fraying that might cause an electrical current to arc or spark. By determining the box-fill capacity and staying within the recommended wire quantity, you can safely transmit electricity throughout your building.

Reduce wire gauge.

Many electricians make the mistake of using wires that are larger than necessary when installing outlets or light switches. Be sure to consult building codes in your area to determine the minimum acceptable gauge for each electrical application.

Reduce the gauge of your wiring where appropriate to help ensure that your electrical boxes do not become too full.

Leave wires long.

It may seem counterintuitive to leave the wires protruding from your electrical box long if you are trying to conserve space, but this can be a beneficial practice. Instead of stuffing wires into an electrical box in an attempt to get them to fit, you should always fold the wires and then place them in the box.

Folding helps to prevent stress points where wires can sustain serious damage. Leaving your wires a little longer will make it easier for you to fold them once you are ready to insert a connected electrical outlet or light switch into the electrical boxes within your walls.

Working with electrical boxes can be frustrating. Getting wires to fit properly within the boxes can be a challenge, but there are some easy ways to help ensure the wiring in your electrical boxes doesn't become a safety hazard in the future. Contact a company, like Plastilock, for more help.