Have Flickering Lights? What's Causing The Flashing

2 October 2018
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Having flickering lights, whether it is all the time or only occasionally, can be really annoying and frustrating. It can mess with your vision, and it can be frustrating on an emotional level as well. However, the good news is that your lights are not flickering for no reasons.

Start by Examining the Bulb

The first thing you are going to want to do is to examine the actual light bulb. This is a great place to start if you only have one light bulb that is flickering in your home. If you have one bulb that is flickering, start by unscrewing the bulb and screwing it back in. Sometimes, when a light bulb is just a little bit off, it can flicker. Having a connect that is not perfect can cause your lights to flicker.

Sometimes though, a light bulb can just be faulty. The light bulb may be partially burned out or just may not work correctly. In this case, take out the light bulb in question, and switch it with another light bulb, and see if that is the use.

Consider the Type of Bulb

Next, you need to take into consideration the type of bulb that you have in your lights. With CFL and fluorescent bulbs, it is common for the bulb to flicker for just a few seconds when you first turn the light on before the light reaches its full light levels and evens out. If this gets to you, you can switch to a different type of light bulb. LED lights are great at reaching their full level of brightness quickly, and you don't usually see flickering when you start an LED light.

Consider the Switch

Next, consider the switch that is used to activate the light. Is the switch a dimmer switch? If it is a dimmer switch, make sure that you are using the right type of light bulb. Certain types of light bulbs are compatible with a dimmer switch. If you are using an incompatible light bulb, it may still work, but it may flicker due to the set-up.

Consider the Light Fixture

Next, if the flickering is focused from a specific light fixture, and the bulbs are all screwed in well and are the right type, look at the light fixture itself. If it plugs into the wall, do other items plugged into that outlook work? Is the wiring damaging at all for the wall light?

If it is an overhead light fixture, does the flickering pick up or change when you come into contact with the switch? Or do you hear an electricity arching, which sounds like cracking, when you flip the switch? If that is the case, then the light switch itself needs to be switched out.

If you have a light that is flickering, start with the individual bulb to see if that is the issue. From there, examine the switch and the light fixture. If that doesn't solve your problem, you may have a larger issue at play that an electrician can help you with. For more information, contact a company like Etheridge Electric Company Inc.