Bought A New Home? 2 Reasons To Add Exterior Lighting Before You Move In

2 October 2018
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When you purchase a new home you likely want to make some changes before you move in. One change you should consider is installing exterior lighting. Below are two reasons why you should do this so you can get started. If you choose to install this type of lighting, however, hire an electrician to ensure the lighting is installed properly.

Makes You and Your Family Safe

Installing light outside makes things safer for you and your family. For example, if you have a walkway that leads to your front door lighting here will help prevent injuries. Also, a porch light should be installed.

Security lighting is another option. This could be installing motion lights around the front area of your home. When a burglar steps into the area the light will automatically go off and this may deter them from continuing. You could install harsh spot lights that come on automatically. This will greatly light up the area and the burglar will likely run away immediately.

Consider motion lights in other areas also, such as close to the garage, backyard patio, and any other entrance area.

Adds to the Décor

If the exterior lighting is installed properly it will add to the décor of your home. For example, landscape lighting will highlight areas of your exterior, such as a flower garden, stature, water fountain, beautiful trees and more. This way people that drive by will see these things, as well as people that visit your home at night. Landscape lights can also be used to highlight beautiful trees, a pond, and much more.

If you have a patio with a cover the electrician can install the lighting around the perimeter of the cover. If you have trees nearby you can install lights on the trees for more lighting. Even though people driving by your home will not see this lighting people that visit you will.

Choose lighting that you can dim so you can control how much you want to highlight. For example, you do not want harsh lighting or it will create a glare. This type of lighting is also beneficial as there may be times when you want to brighten the area, such as on nights that are very cloudy.

Contact an electrical service, like Street Brothers Electric, for more help. If you choose landscape lighting, you may also want to hire a landscape contractor to help you design the lighting.