Three Reasons For Filing An Electrical Contractor License Extension

1 October 2018
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Being an electrical contractor means that there are certain responsibilities you have to accept and complete. You have to accept a job offer and complete it if you want to get paid. You have to complete a job on time if you expect to be hired again, and finally, you have to keep your electrical contractor license up to date. This last item is very important, otherwise you could be fined, sued, fired, or a mix of all of the above. There are reasons why you may be late in filing your renewal license, but there is always the extension request. Here is more about the extension, how to request it and why you may, at some point, need to request the extension.

The Extension Usually Gives You Three Extra Months to a Year to Renew

Depending on what state you live and work in, you can get a minimum three-month extension or a maximum one-year extension on renewing your license. Most states are pretty strict about this and err on the side of caution by only providing you with a very limited three-month extension. Other states may give up to a year, knowing that electrical contract work is not in high demand in those states and/or that jobs will only pay you in full at the end of your work, leaving you broke until then (but you need the license to do the job!). You can apply through the state with the proper documentation, explaining why you cannot, at this time, pay the $30-$110 renewal fee (again, based on where you live). No fees are attached to the request of an extension.

Why You May Need an Extension

There are all kinds of reasons why you may need to request an extension on your license. Maybe you are almost finished with a project, but you forgot to stay on top of your renewal fee, and now you have to halt what you are doing until your license is renewed. Maybe you thought you were going to retire, in which case, you would allow your license to lapse, only to decided to do one more job. Finally, maybe you were really broke, out of work for a long time, down on your luck, etc., and you just do not have the money to renew your license. It happens. File the request for an extension, and then you can finish work and/or renew your license when you finally land a little work.

For help on getting your electrical contractor license extension, call a professional near you today.